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The festival is a true community effort that goes beyond the regular galleries and venues and includes a variety of art galleries, restaurants, shops, music venues and more. We have teamed up with Hamtramck dealers and a music venue to get a feel for the scene and also have a look at some of the artworks on display.

Also online is a pearl shop and an outdoor art installation created by artist Olayami Dabls, who began creating an outdoor gallery for her artworks in the early 2000s. There is also a trendy restaurant and bar, which has a rotating exhibition of local artists on its walls, the Cass Cafe.

Planet Ant also hosts a host of improvisation classes and the Detroit Women's Comedy Festival, which takes place in May. Other festivals include the Hamtramck Art Festival in August and the Michigan Art Show in September. Proposed activities for next year's festival include a live music festival, an art show, a children's art exhibition and a performance by local artists. Hatch Art manages Hamtramsck Disneyland and organizes art shows, concerts and other events throughout the year.

You can sign up for workshops where you can learn to make your own prints or buy prints from local artists. At PolArtCenter.com you can buy goods from all Hamtramck locations, but to really make a difference, you should visit in person.

Filmmaker Terry Murphy made a short documentary about Szylak, "Hamtramck Disneyland," in 2009, which was posted on YouTube. In the video, he says he was born in Lviv, Ukraine, and emigrated to Detroit after World War II.

After retiring in the 1980s, he needed a hobby and was inspired to turn his backyard in Hamtramck into an art installation. Using his spare time and with the idea of bringing something new to the city, Szylak began to turn his own backyard into a work of art.

This quirky kinetic art structure was intended to fill the air with light and music and became known as Hamtramck Disneyland. Thousands of visitors from all over the world stopped in and there have been hundreds of thousands of visits to the park during its 10-year history. The public worship of the Disneyland Ham Railway is illustrated in the notes in a guestbook attached to an entrance to Disneyland Ham Railway, as well as on the walls of the museum.

Eyewitnesses report a salvage mud with stuffed dolphins, framed photos and more than 100 artworks. At the back of the building is the Hamtramck Museum of Art, the largest public art museum in the city. It is actually an art exhibition, but it is also the site of a disused railway line that has been converted into a green and bicycle road for public use, as well as a collection of more than 100 murals by several artists, including a large-scale sculpture of an old railway line and a mural by the late artist David Hockney. Here are some exciting things to discover in this diverse city of cities, here's a look at some of them.

We also have a number of previously unused buildings from other cities that have helped make Motor City an attractive place for artists. Art takes place in Hamtramck because we have plenty of it, all here in the heart of one of the liveliest districts of the city.

According to Bittner-Koch, the original is one of four that make up the "look" that one can imagine when one looks at the unique and fascinating stories that accompany it. For the residents of the Detroit-Hamtramck street of Carpenter, it is an exciting time in which the neighborhood can evolve. This summer, the company is working with the Michigan Museum of Natural History and the University of Michigan School of Art. Quietly, an exhibition entitled "Snake Church" opens at the Popps Emporium.

It will be open to the public from July 1 to August 31 at the Popps Emporium and Art Gallery at the University of Michigan School of Art.

At the time, he said that he had reservations about the Polish heritage of the city before opening the shop, but by then his family was already familiar with Polish culture. Bittner-Koch said his own family's interest in the Polish art center in Cedar had grown and he saw an opportunity. He knew enough to convince him that opening up would be a good idea. He described how he bought the Power House at auction in Wayne County for $500, then renovated it and took it off the conventional power grid. It just made sense for him to open a store in his hometown of Cedar City, just a few miles north of Detroit, so he did.

We spent some time strolling through the narrow streets of Detroit, its narrow streets wedged between the industrial buildings of the industrial area and the gravelly, cozy life - in a look that gives it its appearance. We left the punk rock scene and the Pierogis with equal pleasure, our interaction inspired and engaged the creative chops of Detroit and left them with a sense of pride in our city and its history.

More About Hamtramck

More About Hamtramck