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On September 15, Muse promises "Cruising the Museums of the Motor City," a fun event that is directly connected to Detroit's past as a cruise city. Starting at the Charles H. Wright Museum and continuing to the Michigan Science Center, the evening cruise will give you a taste of what Detroit has to offer, and ends at the Detroit Institute of Arts. On September 17, Henry Ford's Un-Conference on Saturday will provide a great opportunity to cruise through the Museum of Natural History, Michigan State University and the University of Michigan.

The museum's exhibition will focus on the company's role in the history of the city and will feature new works by modern ceramic artists. The Permanent Ukrainian Spirit will be held at the Henry Ford Museum of Art from September 17-18. This museum will join a number of cultural venues, including the Detroit Institute of Arts, Michigan State University and the University of Michigan Center for Contemporary Art.

In 2002, the museum organized the first Ukrainian museum in the USA at the Henry Ford Museum of Art. Ukrainian Museum in Detroit and have a long relationship with other pioneers who had great visions for this museum.

The Michigan CCC conducted groundwater surveys, founded Isle Royale National Park, revitalized the Michigan State Park system, set up campgrounds in Michigan's national forests, prepared five hundred sample rocks for distribution to Michigan schools, and, in collaboration with Michigan State College, prepared twenty farm forests to show farmers how to properly thin forest areas. In the fall of 1932, it was also decided what projects could be carried out if federal funding were made available for conservation work. One of the Michigan CCCC's projects nearing completion was the construction of a five-meter structure described as "the largest and most powerful concrete structure of its kind in North America."

Hamtramck is about three miles from downtown Detroit, with I-75 running along the western border and Interstate 94 bordering downtown to the south. It is a city in Wayne County, surrounded by the city of Detroit, while the two square mile city is completely surrounded. At about two square miles, it is one of the largest comparable cities in the state of Michigan and houses a number of museums, galleries, schools, hospitals, churches, parks, libraries and other public facilities.

When there is no festival to attend, visitors flock to the Polish Art Center, which presents Polish art, books and food, and the Ukrainian-American Archive and Museum, which presents Ukrainian culture, art and history. Both feature exhibits that include historical and contemporary art from the past, present and future, as well as the museum's extensive collection of artifacts, artefacts and other artifacts from around the world.

To move the huge collection or donate items, visit the Historical Commission of Hamtramck's Facebook page. You can also contribute to the UAAM by volunteering in the museum, supporting the endeavor or making a donation to the museums.

DIA members are among the most loyal supporters and regular visitors, and at every membership level you will be a part of Henry Ford. Guests enjoy free entry, parking and more, as well as access to special events such as the annual Hamtramck Festival of Arts and Sciences.

The historic pottery workshop, founded in 1903, has played a significant role in the search for Pewabic architectural tiles. The museum was founded in a building that was formerly the Woodward Avenue bank in Detroit. The Victorian Italianate is full of historical artifacts and memorabilia from the 1850s to the 1920s, with the life and work of Henry Ford and his son Fred Ford at the centre of the story. About three acres of surrounding gardens include the Hamtramck Botanical Garden, the largest garden in Michigan and one of the largest gardens in the world.

Located near the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, this place attracts automobile lovers from all over the world. Buses full of interested people, professors and students come to view and research the museum's artifacts. Even as a local, you can get to know the area, museums and historical sites.

Whether you're looking to see the latest exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts or take a guided tour of the Michigan Museum of Natural History in Detroit or the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, you have great opportunities for educational and family fun. In an area as steeped in history as Detroit, there are many ways for you and your family to bring history to life. Join the Yankee Air Museum today and get free admission to the museum's special events, such as the annual holiday party. Read more about the history of the Lutheran Church in America and its history in our History section.

Ceramics School is a private, nonprofit art school for children and adults in Hamtramck, Michigan, just outside Detroit, on the outskirts of town. On December 10, 2019, they will arrive in Hamtsamck as part of a new partnership with the Michigan Museum of Natural History and the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, which is just a few blocks from the museum's main entrance.

More About Hamtramck

More About Hamtramck