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This page looks at housing market data in Hamtramck, Michigan, provided by the Office of Economic Analysis of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It gives an overview of the real estate market in Ham, Michigan, and also shows the rental price distribution in the area. The switch in Michigan history has been flipped from green meadow to green meadow, and Ferndale is not shown. Michigan, too, as measured by the median property taxes paid at $2,381, is about three to four quarters the size, and is also accounted for by rental prices and land allocation.

Also, unlike Michigan, the $871 rental rate in Hamtramck is about 19.5% lower, provides a frequency distribution of home prices in the area, and is useful for understanding affordable housing funds. Third, it shows that the median amount of property taxes paid to homeowners in that region, at $2,381, is much lower than Michigan's. Compared to Michigan, the data show that Ham tramscck's recent annual rate of appreciation is only about 1.4% compared to other parts of the US and the rest of Europe, roughly the same rate as Michigan.

This makes Hamtramck more attractive to home buyers and real estate investors, and could signal a shift away from Michigan to other parts of the US and the rest of Europe. As it has done for the past decade, it has the potential to be a great place for home buyers or real estate investors, whether they are based in Michigan, the United States, Europe or any other region.

Over the past 10 years, Hamtramck has experienced one of the highest rates of value growth in Michigan. Overall, Wayne County has experienced an average annual rate of appreciation of 59.55%, higher than the national average of 52.5% and the second highest rate in Michigan, behind only Detroit. In fact, the value of his properties rose 59% to 55% in 2016, more than twice the Michigan average, making him one of the 20% of the nation's property values to increase.

Hamtramck Michigan ranks first in the state in the number of mortgage servicers in Wayne County, with a total of 32. By mortgage, Hamtramsck has the second highest percentage of mortgages in Michigan, with a mortgage share of HELOC, at second place. In terms of mortgage-related homes, the only major city that is above Highland Park (71%) is the city with the highest mortgage rate Heloc, behind only Detroit (72%). It is second only to Detroit in terms of mortgages, with 27, and has the second highest interest rate, at 2%.

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More About Hamtramck

More About Hamtramck